i-Transport LLP offers a range of transport planning services, specialising in development planning. This includes the provision of high quality transport and highways planning through all stages of the planning process from initial development feasibility through to outline and detailed planning applications and feasibility design for all types of development.

A summary of the key services we provide is set out below:

  • Transport Assessments

    Preparation of Transport Assessments that evaluate the multi-modal transport implications of development proposals and identify the requirements for any transport mitigation measures.

  • Travel Plans

    Preparation of Travel Plans that encourage travel to and from a development site by sustainable and active travel modes to reduce car use with a package of physical and behavioral measures.

  • Expert Witnesses for Public Inquiries

    Provision of highly qualified and experienced Expert Witnesses for transport planning and highway Public Inquiries.

  • Access Feasibility Studies

    Advice on access arrangements to development sites taking into account the latest highway design guidance and any land ownership constraints.

  • Transport and Access Strategies

    Preparation of multi-modal transport and access strategies for development schemes ensuring that people have the opportunity to travel to work, school, healthcare facilities, shops, leisure destinations and other key services with a choice of travel modes.

  • Highway Feasibility Design

    Provision of feasibility stage highway design work, including site accesses and on and off-site junction improvement schemes.

  • Traffic Engineering

    Provision of traffic engineering advice ranging from data collection methods to analysis techniques and junction capacity assessments using the traffic assessment programs – TRICS, ARCADY, PICADY, LinSig and TRANSYT.

  • Public Transport Planning

    Provision of public transport planning to facilitate new development, including: route feasibility and viability appraisals; passenger and revenue forecasting; business case development; advice on high quality public transport provision; and negotiation with public transport operators.

  • Accessibility Assessments

    Provision of accessibility assessments for development schemes to establish whether people can access work, schools, healthcare facilities, shops, leisure destinations and other key facilities and services.

  • Traffic and Parking Studies

    Provision of town-wide traffic and parking studies and providing advice on parking issues relating to development proposals.

  • Transport Input to Environmental Assessments

    Input to air quality and noise assessments and preparation of traffic and transport submissions for the Environmental Statement.

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