Public Inquiries

Public Inquiries ok Wideopen, North Tyneside for Bellway Homes

i-Transport LLP supported the planning application for c.330 dwellings, including presenting evidence at the successful appeal against the Council’s refusal of planning permission.

Other project examples include:

  • Quarry Farm, Hartlepool for Villiers Street Agricultural Land Limited – Transport advice in respect of a planning application for up to 81 dwellings and subsequent presentation of expert witness evidence at the successful planning appeal.
  • Westbourne Terrace, Westminster for Jones Lang LaSalle – Supported an enforcement notice appeal relating to use of an existing facility as a hostel rather than a hotel.
  • Sydenham for AC Lloyd Ltd – Successful appeal for a 209 unit residential development scheme in Leamington Spa.
  • Ongar Road, Great Dunmow for Taylor Wimpey – Transport Assessment and hearing for a 100 dwelling residential scheme.
  • Kennel Farm, Basingstoke for Wates – Transport Assessment and hearing for 310 dwellings.

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